Monday, July 12, 2010

Sedikit pasal pre-Departure Briefing ke Warwick

Untuk yang banyak, baca ini:

Note to prospective freshers 2010:

The pre-departure briefing for 2010 by the University of Warwick will be held at Hilton Petaling Jaya Hotel (map). This session is a great introduction to the university and will brief you on the visa application, therefore we strongly recommend that you attend this session even if you have not received your A-Levels results yet. This session would:

  1. Cover important information about the visa application and other important documents required to enter UK.
  2. Answer questions related to banking, mobile services, accommodation, etc in the UK.
  3. Give you a clearer picture of what to expect from the University of Warwick as a Malaysian.
  4. Present you the opportunity to meet and have a chat with your prospective Malaysian seniors in Warwick!

See you on Wednesday night!

We will upload some useful resources here as soon as possible to help you arrive safely on campus. Be sure to check back in the next few weeks!

Untuk yang sedikit, katak wengg~ cakap samosa Hilton sedap. Nasi goreng dia biasa-biasa saja, tapi samosa dia perghhh!


  1. muahaha pegi untuk makan!!!

  2. patut ah aku nak makan dah habis.haha..berapa pinggan weh die sental!

  3. haha makan tu penting,
    bawak plastik lebih tapau samosa!! :DD

    thanks reverie :)

  4. Shahril: kau pergi ke. haha.

    dell: hahahaha. kau dah pandai buat sendiri. tak pe.

    Nako: Pos melaka sebungkus ye. :)

  5. Muahahah~ aku kira kot... aku makan 18 bijik samosa dia!!

    rev, ko xpergi ke?

  6. Dodu: kau pergi ke? aku tak tau lagi la beb. melaka tak kasi keluar lagi ni. haha.


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