Saturday, July 24, 2010

Roadtrip, a camera and the excitement!

This morning I received a postcard with cute contents from Mt. Ruapehu, New Zealand. Never expected you to send me postcard. It makes me smile honestly. ;)

Preparing all my stuffs to start a roadtrip to Perak. To Kedah and stop in Penang for a few hours. Then straight to Perlis, meet up my friends and cousin. Next in Kelantan two of our friends are waiting to treat us lunches and dinners. hohoho.

The reason for this trip is to stop at as many stalls as we can in all the states travelled to eat. Like the Nasi Ganja in Ipoh. Laksa Telok Kechai in Kedah and any other stalls that are already in the long list made while we were still in England. We only listed out places we want to go and eat. No proper planning, it's like. "Ok la. 24th kau gerak Teluk Intan ambil aku. Shidi Kedah." You don't need to plan in Malaysia, just come and go. It's not like in England. No planning, pay extra! Oh, Malaysians will be Malaysians, food-craving. After all before the gula di'selaras' kan lagi making all the food more expensive, I better have a taste. But what i noticed when I studied in Ipoh, the food in the north part of peninsular are cheaper than in the south. Especially in kedah and perlis. Gila murah nasi campur ikan keli dan sayur Rm2.50 pun ada.

I could be away for a week or maybe more to enjoy the scenery of waterfall, beaches in Malaysia. I'll take my obedient and humble sony a100 with me along to store some moments as remembrance and maybe update here in this black, cosy little blog.

So long folks, see you next time. If I can still have my borrowed breath then.



  1. singgah ipoh halo2 gua der.....bole minum2 walaupun x kenal..hahaha....0127650206

  2. It was a surprise.:D

    Take care over there. Ingat, kamek sayang kitak gilak2. :*
    Btw, pergi la tempat makan yg kita selalu pergi dulu. :)

  3. reVERie

    TRuN TGANu skalI Dow

    SATu2 je MKtB DI SinI...


    BTw, slamaT JALAn2

    slamaT BERBAHAGia

    BULAN sentiASA bersamA KAMoO..


  4. woo..kelantan..haa meh la...
    hahaha..have fun bro!!

  5. cool, man.. seriously. best ni jalan2. but i agreed. kalau jalan di UK nda plan matila. bha, nanti buat post makanan ah. mau masuk bucket list. hahaha. enjoy!

  6. Syazwan: alamak ai der. aku turun ipoh satu malam je. rush pergi kedah. InsyaAllah next time. Thanks for inviting.

    bulan: A pleasant surprise? :) Bait!

    tQa: maktab ganu pernah sampai dah tahun lepas. ;)

    Shahril: memang aku tuntut kau belanja beb!

    Charo: Dengar cerita kamu 10 kepak ayam sorang-sorang ja makan. hahaha. Will update later, insyaAllah. ;)

  7. Hahaha! Mesti Haikal kasi bocor rahsia kan? Thanks! Looking forward to read it. =)


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