Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bloody love and sex

It's thrilling. Just sitting beside her. I can hear her sweet blood gushing in her veins. See her reddish warm skin, so bright and her tiny lips moving, telling me a story. It's entertaining, very much.

"Wish we could stay like this together, forever. Listening to your stories." I touch her hand and hold it tight to my chest and she smiles. Seldom you get a more honest smile.
"This is so strange. Feel so close but threatening." She lays her head on my right shoulder and continues,"I feel like giving up to you everything that I have."
"It's okay. You're the one who taught me to be patient. I can wait as long as you want to wait." I hug her closer. It's so quiet that my heart says it can hear her heartbeats. Every beats are so close to me that it's triggering me to lose my sense. The air is quite cold as me but her body's temperature is soothing. Without realizing I'm pressing hard to her body.
"You don't look that patient. Am I so tempting to you?" She notices and giggles while she lets her hair tickles my neck. If only she knows I never let the other species to decide but she's the only one.
"It's been quite sometime since I asked you to wait. By waiting, you showed me that you really care. I can't wait no longer myself. This feeling of closeness..." Her voice struggles to continue. I can sense a vibration of ecstasy in her last word.
"It's so romantic. I've never dreamt of having such feeling with a man." She releases a small breath and continue while her hand is holding me ever tightly, not letting go. I kept quiet. Just enjoying the aroma of being alone with her. So sudden she gaze up with her shiny hazel eyes looking straight into me. An attempt to understand what's inside, I guess.
"I can't get you figured out. No matter how long I've tried. Your calm makes me vulnerable." She buries her head onto my shoulder again. I know she's now so weak to resist.
"I'm all yours baby as how you've been all mine." I said softly. More like whispering.
"Come. I'll let you do this cause I know I can't resist no more." She straighten her hair to her right shoulder and shove her neck to me. It's like the best scene I've ever been in. This is so worth the long wait.

And it happens. So quickly it ends. Yet the short moment of ecstasy is equal to all I've ever been through. So sweet is her blood, and her submission. After all, it is I, who first submitted my sense to her cause she's worth all the decisions.


  1. ahh..this is soo sweet... :)
    *love kecik tu bole letak kat sini juga ke? hehe

  2. bulan: wah, sekarang semua tempat nak letak love kecik ehh? ;p

  3. macam mana aku nak contact kao neyh?

  4. hoi.. tak payah la menunjuk bahagia kat sini~ hahaha! aku jeles!

  5. Luna: eh, bukan menunjuk. hahaha.


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