Friday, July 30, 2010

24/7/09 : Melaka to Perak.

It started off in Bukit Baru, Melaka. With a green savvy, few stuffs in my backpack and blessings from beloved parents and the only granny, I started my long unplanned journey to Teluk Intan, Perak. From Ayer Keroh to Bidor using the charged PLUS highway the road seemed long, boring and uninviting. Yet, the thought of starting a journey to discover what this little peninsular have to offer was exciting. Stopped at Rawang for a break and off to Bidor's exit. Then using the signboard with 'Pandu Lalu Mc'Donald's Teluk Intan', the green savvy cruised through the old luckily straight road, skipping past lorries and rubber trees. Without a handphone as an important mean to communicate in this lazy technological world, I stopped at few places to use the public phones and contact a friend that's waiting in Teluk Intan. It was however disappointing to find some of the phone without cables, and not working. Straight into the humble town of Teluk Intan I managed to call a friend and few minutes later he came to guide my way to his home.

Teluk Intan or once called Teluk Anson was a small town getting bigger with many new buildings in the new town area a few kilometers away from the city centre. Spent a night in the city walking about the famous 'menara condong' which I believe is the heart of Teluk Intan. Went to a pasar malam and spend a few malaysian quids on some sticks of fried prawn balls. I spent the rest of the night reading half of a 200 pages novel after taking some photos of Teluk Intan.

The next morning, woke up with some durians as breakfast. Ate the famous Ayam Goreng Rempah in teluk intan. Then we set up to the next location, an hour away from us, Ipoh. On our way to Ipoh I saw a board with 'Kellie's castle' written on and decided to stop by to say hi to the infamous, said to be wandering ghost of Lord Kellie. He's the owner of the castle which is actually more like a mansion. The mansion is unfinished because the lord died before he had the chance to live in it. The scenery was somehow unique and relaxing with winds and warm clouds accompanying us while we took our steps around the unfinished mansion. Came after a newly wed chinese couple taking their wedding photos there. It was an okay experience but I'd not spent another Rm4 to come to the castle again.

Then we set off again to Ipoh as it began to drizzle. We arrived in Ipoh in a friend's rented house. Meet up some old Ipoh friends and chatted for quite sometime before we played football together. That night, we ate the long awaited Ikan Pari Bakar of sarini tersorok, near Kinta, Perak. It tasted exactly the same as the last time I tried it early last year. Delicious and satisfying. I slept satisfied that night.

When the sun rises, we prepared to go out to eat and decided to stop at Rahman's Nasi Kandar. Well known for students of ip ipoh. I gobbled a crispy tosai with parpu and after finishing continued our sight-seeing journey into the town of Ipoh. Some places changed with few new buildings erected. The sight-seeing is then completed with a nice plate of Nasi Ayam Merah or more known as Nasi Ganja in the town of Ipoh. On our way back to my friend's house we stopped to buy some cekodok and cucur udang in front of IP ipoh. These were all places we've been through countless times when we studied in Ipoh.

Then I continued my paths to the next stop, Sungai Petani. Till next update.

*Some pictures of Perak can be found here and here. The rest, later insyaAllah.



  1. dah macam essay BEL aku dah. haha.
    nice trip bro. bnyk makan ye.
    Melaka area mana? dtg lendu laa

  2. Bila maok balit tok.. sunyi kamek :(


  3. nasi ganja?
    aku nak cuba
    asalkan tak disumbat ke dalam penjara

    kah kah kah

  4. Fontonk: essay? haha. Lendu tak ada hal. Nanti aku nak singgah gadek mandi air panas pagi2.

    bulan: kelak balit. Sikit gik tok. sabar lok, kelak mek balit. ;)

    DJK: Ipoh nasi ganja kena cuba beb! nak direction aku boleh bagi.

  5. Why on earth sy nda pena dgr Nasi Ganja di Ipoh? Macam sedap gilak jak? Jealous. Damn. Oh! Itu kodok and kuih pisang depan maktab masi sedap ka? Wuhuu... Sedap.. Sedap...

  6. charo: aish 2 years in kinta dan kamu tak pernah kenal nasi ganja? rugi-rugi. Ndapa, next time boleh try lagi. Cekodok dan kuih masih tip top macam biasa! ;)


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