Monday, June 28, 2010

Now is better than the end.

The leaves change colours,
Autumn replacing summer,
Stars blooming bigger,
Will then disappear.

Tears will stop and dry,
and flow and dry again,
Dirt will stop to rest,
and fly to new place.

Living and dying what difference does it make?
if we live only to hate,
then die and only love.

Not the weather not the sun,
Nor the moon will always stay,
All the place, all history,
With men will come and go.

More stories waiting to be told,
in the end,
none will hear from none.

Could be happy, or sad ending,
why do we even care?
always we meet, then be apart,
heart shall learn to love and smile,

or not.


  1. terharu dah laaa...

    have a safe journey!

    see u this october insyaAllah..

  2. dell: insyaAllah. kalau umur panjang, kita jumpa lagi. ;)


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