Friday, June 18, 2010

The Last Paper Syndrome, post-rock Mogwai: Helicon 1

Nota: baring dibawah bintang dan dengar lagu ini sambil mula lelapkan diri. ;)

As ourselves are draining. Body getting tired. and hope is at the last bit of the bites. then our eyes catch the glimpse of scintillating lights. We stop, and take few deep breaths. It's like getting hold to the lifeline in the midst of raging currents. Drained body, energized. Weaken legs, forced. A sudden driving weight kicking from behind. Adrenaline rushes.

Slower step, faster. Hands reaching. Heartbeats excessing.

Envisions in mind. Cool air. Deeper breath not of stinks. Greenery. Warm dirt of earth. Cats and other beings. Smiles.

yet, heart is still raging to escape. To find this infinite theory of escape.

This is the Last Paper Syndrome(term quoted from a friend of mine)


  1. haha..gudluck faiez..korg bape paper actually?

  2. Att: Dah habis pun last paper. Semua sekali empat paper je. Thanks. ;)

  3. Hidemichi: ni antara lagu post-rock terbaik bagi wa.


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