Sunday, June 20, 2010

Many worlds in this one world

Click 'play' then read ;). Buddhiston(emo) - Skid song

For the world to be a better place.

There are many worlds in this world we live in. The world for the rich and famous. World of starvation. World filled with hatred and love. World with families, betrayal and misses. World where people die everyday. World with education or without. World where we care or we don't. World of unheard voices not caring whether they're bumis or not. World of millionaires and billionaires. World of glamorousity. World of loneliness. World of boxed advertisement or telenovela. Fakeness or purity.

It's ironic, we live in different worlds although we breath in one world. These worlds can't combine. Ever, can't. Never. Cause we care much about differences.

It's time for me, we and us. Start taking one small step. Changes within oneself is the best. We can heal one teared soul. Let's not wait for others. Our hands, lips or hearts.

Whichever way we can. For the world to be a better place.

Videos taken from here whom linked it from here.
Lyrics, here.

Cheers, selamat, salam or whatever way you greet people. It doesn't really matter.


  1. irAMA yG MENARik

    LAYan laGU cmnI SKALi sKALa bez jgaK

    BETteR THAn CAnoN IN d majOR


  2. tqa: musik memainkan emosi. ;)

  3. yeP..

    aKU kaU DAn DUNIa musiK Yg sgT INdA..


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