Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Talk Poem: What is the similarity between a 5-footed cow and the reason RON97 price keeps on increasing?

It is actually very hard to comprehend the reasons thrown to our faces by the popular media,
although popular is now commonly and popularly misunderstood by as many people as the majority of citizens,
Who would nod if he was told that a cow has 5 feet?
Well, unless the person has never seen a cow before.

You see, there is this distinction of the old and young generation
and the common philosophy of the young opposing the old, and being right in doing so
We just need to realise who are we, if we can be defined with the word young or old?
A lot of people measure oldness with the number of wrinkles,
It can't be right, ain't it?

Many people are tiring, getting tired or already are,
and this includes me
There's not many things to go for, I mean what is the point of jumping in the competition,
Where the best you can win is a toy candy?
Not only it is a toy, but it's also a candy!

It does not matter which side we stand for, be it the right or the left side of the river bank.
Because all they do is prevent water from flowing.
But we know, at least those who learnt basic science,
that water fulfill all shapes and thus will keep on flowing until they are stopped
The question now is, how are they stopped?

Is it by throwing reasons all over again that we already know are artificial?
Or maybe by making us addicted to the toy candy, by giving value to them.
Perhaps we just stop being water?
In the end, anyone can believe a cow has 5 feet,
If he or she has a reason to believe in it.

Reverie Malaya

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