Tuesday, May 31, 2011

When I talked to my friends about girls, I seldom want to write this non-poetic poem

At many times, it's hard to really comprehend the way a girl think or feel.
They can say they are feeling cold but it means they are getting hot.
I mean a guy needs to really consider all options and answer possibilities when he has to answer a question as simple as "Do you want to eat a burger or a sausage?"
Now you think, what more will it take for that guy to answer the question of "When do you want to marry me?"
So, the point here is girl's thoughts and feelings are complicated.

But that's not the point. You see, the point can't always be about girls.
It is about guys too...
So, many guys do love their women, really.
And as many guys want to see and make their women happy too.
However, a girl usually cannot take this understanding and locate it into her common sense.

When a guy stays with his friend, it does not mean he ignores you because he hates you.
And also please do not take it in a way that the guy likes to hang out with their friends more than hanging out with you.
It is to be understood, that unfair is a very simple, plain and meaningless word to be used when a girl ask if the guy likes to hang out with their friends more than with her. Because guys can not answer such statement.
You can not compare a cup of coffee to a can of coke.
While a can of coke offers you the joy and thrill of coolness during a sunny day, the cup of coffee gives you the feeling of elegance and warmth in your morning sip.

Hence people ask the question,
And many tried to provide answer to 'THE' question.
How to understand girls?
You can not. Simply.
How can you explain why the cloud is blue?

So what we can actually do is to write alphabets forming words.
Words creating sentences, sentences constructing paragraphs.
And paragraphs explaining nothing,
like this one.
Just to show that this nothing,
actually means a thing.

And if you read this until you arrive to this last paragraph of non-poem,
Could you please tell me, which one do you think symbolises a woman?
A can of coke or a cup of coffee?

-Peace out-


  1. uhm, the cloud is not blue. the sky is. and the answer is here http://science.howstuffworks.com/nature/climate-weather/atmospheric/sky.htm

    just sayin'. :)

  2. Dayana: Dear Dayana, that is the point. You can't explain why the cloud is blue, because it's not. ⊙0⊙

  3. i think i get what you're trying to say. haha.

    good morning, sir. :)

  4. A nice explanation up there, Faiez ;)

    It's hard to comprehend girls, totally right and I totally agree with you on this. Sebab kadang2 kitorang pun tak faham dengan diri kitorang let alone betul2 tahu apa yang kitorang nak sebenarnya. We say A but we actually mean otherwise, the opposite. That's an undeniable fact about us that we hope our other half would understand. Sama jugak when we say 'I'm fine' padahal we're not.

    Bukan sebab kitorang ni subject yang memeningkan ke apa, it's our nature, we hope our partner knows us well to differentiate whether or not we're fine. We just need some sort of comfort and again attention from our other half. We hope he really knows us to understand us. MORE than our friends do, MORE than everyone else does. Kalau lelaki pun sama je tak boleh beza and kenal perempuan dia, mana specialnya lelaki tu kan?

    'So, many guys do love their women, really.
    And many guys want to see and make their women happy too.
    However, a girl usually cannot take this understanding and locate it into her common sense.'

    We appreciate that and we know for the fact that ‘guys do love their women’. But we would be more appreciative if men know how to prove that the saying isn’t just a saying. Show it. Macam mana? Macam tu, yang dah disebut dekat atas tu. And bukan kami tak faham, or susah nak faham cuma kami nak a confirmation with what u guys are saying. Tolonglah buktikan. Buktikan dari segi kau ada bila dia perlu kau, or perlu someone to talk to. Buktikan yang kau yang akan tarik dia bila dia jatuh. Buktikan yang kau ada untuk lindung dia, untuk buat dia rasa selesa and selamat. Buktikan yang kau betul2 kenal dia lebih daripada orang lain kenal dia. Buktikan yang kau ada masa untuk dia.

  5. (sambungan)

    This is all because we’re insecure. Selagi
    lelaki tak buktikan selagi tu lah perasaan tu ada. And that my friend, isn’t a very nice feeling and we totally hate it with all our heart. Bila ada insecurity tu, mula lah macam2 yang difikir. Mulalah nak jealous tak bertempat or tiba tiba put up random emo status dekat Facebook (contoh je ni).

    And again, ini berbalik pada kisah attention tadi lah. Perempuan tak akan cakap yang ‘hey, I nak attention daripada you. Maka berhentilah daripada melakukan apa2 yang you lakukan sekarang dan tumpukan sepenuh perhatian dekat I. Tinggalkan kawan-kawan you sekarang sebab I need you.’ Or ayat typical, ‘You pilih I ke, kawan kawan you?’ TAK. Kami tak se-direct itu, dan yang paling penting, kami taklah sekejam dan sekeji tu. ;P Most girls tak akan cakap secara terus yang dia nak perhatian. Mostly akan berlapik2 lah. Bercover2. Takpun tiba-tiba je cold dengan kau. Tiba-tiba je macam nak marah kau. And for that, she needs YOU to realise and acknowledge it. And tolonglah jangan sampai perempuan cakap terus yang dia nak attention, macam ayat dekat atas tu. Tolonglah jangan bagi kami ni nampak loser sampai macam tu sekali. HAHA.

    And above all, aku rasa, perempuan tak adalah susah sangat nak difahami. Kami pun manusia biasa jugak, rasa nak disayangi dan menyayangi. (cewah) Cuma mungkin rentak je yang berbeza. bila perempuan dah start attached to you guys, she'll put her trust on you, she expects you to always be there when she needs you not only during happy time je but at her weakest and ugliest moments too. Guys, bila dia dah dapat perempuan yang dia nak, dia rasa perempuan tu dia punya maka dia rasa selamat, Tapi perempuan tak macam tu. Bila bila pun dia rasa tak selamat sebenarnya. Selagi dia belum rasa yang lelaki dia betul betul kenal dia dan faham dia dan tahu apa yang dia fikir dan tahu macam mana nak deal with her in any situations, selagi tu lah dia akan rasa tak selamat dan mahu attention.

    And tolonglah jangan sampai kami tawar hati. Bila dah tawar hati, maknanya kau sama jelah dengan orang orang lain. Tak special.

    'Now you think, what more will it take for that guy to answer the question of "When do you want to marry me?"' Naah, marriage is big, everyone is allowed to freak out (bak kat Lily dalam How I Met Your Mother). So soal kahwin ni, mungkin kau kena put up a new entry lah Faiez. :P

    Just my two cents.


  6. Anon: Dah boleh tulis entri baru macam ni. Btw, kau rasa cup of coffee or a can of coke?

  7. Both. Depends. :)


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