Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Zaid Ibrahim, after leaving PKR.

I don't think it's fair for Pakatan people to criticise him for his decision to leave PKR after the controversy in PKR's election. Party hopping or leaving has become quite a trend nowadays that it's a common culture until the word 'katak' has become sort of like an official political jargon in Malaysian political review.

In this case, Zaid should be respected for his firm decision.

People criticised and said he should learn to work as a team member. I believe it's true but deciding to leave a party where he went to after he quitted his official minister position is something more than 'not being able to work as a team'. It is absurd for someone who were able to become a minister and senior political person in the oldest political party in Malaysia to not have teamwork spirit and ability.

Therefore I respect his decision and vision of politics in Malaysia and wish him all the success and good luck in the future. I hope his decision will be another turning point for Malaysia political direction which will give more balance and variety to our political scene.

You can access his first interview with Free Malaysia Today after leaving PKR here.


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