Saturday, December 18, 2010

Second Winter in Coventry

It's my second winter here in the United Kingdom. Still this winter brings mesmerization to me as though it's my first ever winter. Like it's the first time when I met Mr snow. Here's are some pictures of the first drop of snow here in Coventry taken two weeks ago.

Hearsall Common. The common where the first jet were flew.

The first few drops of snow

Frost on plants

Frosting grass

Frost on plants

I have no proper plans to go on vacation this winter. But I do have a winter camp next week for around 4 days. And some paperworks to complete and an assignment due in January 2011.

p/s: photos are taken by my phone camera. DSLR tinggal kat Malaysia, kerana diservis.

Selamat! and Happy winter holiday! ;)


  1. Reverie Malaya and reverie malaya. Hahaha.

  2. nil: memang cantik. ;)

    Charo Summer: yo, wassup! using diff account now. ;)

  3. salam. hi. masih bermain salji kah? hantar snowman satu! ;p

    tggu punya tggu, aihh, potsponed pulak. oh, im talking bout Chelsea v Setan Merah ;)

    tggu punya tggu. aihh.. kena belasah pulak dgn gunners. pffft!


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