Monday, December 13, 2010

Recent riot in London due to student fees increase

Protesters at Trafalgar Square tried to lit up a Big Christmas tree
Thugs jumping of burnt benches at Parliament Square
A girl disrespecting Britains' War Warriors
Bulls' eye! A policeman hit with paintball
Terrified Charles and Camilla, attacked in their cosy Rolls Royce
Public, majority of students attended the 'peaceful' riot which turned bloody
Student urinating at Britains' father, Churchills' statue
Security Hut burnt at Parliament Square

I feel demonstration is a way of expressing views, opinions and concerns by the public when other measurements are not taken into consideration by the government. The question is, to what extend should we allow this kind of freedom of speech? as there will be people driven by their own motivation to turn such events into disasters to suit their interests.

This reflects the current political situation in Malaysia too.

Peace and out!

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