Monday, November 15, 2010

A night at Khairul's in Highbury

I went to London last weekend to attend a UKEC interview for junior executive position which were described as being the internship process for UKEC. The role of junior exec were also described as being the 'balaci' for other higher execs in UKEC by one of my friends. Well, with being the 'balaci' then only you'll know the true nature of its execution right? ;) That's one of the reason why I decided to go for the post. I was asked, you already have PROJEK KALSOM in hands, why junior executive? Apart from wanting to learn how UKEC does things, I have personal reasons for this. Well I didn't know of UKEC in my first year. Had I known, I would have gone for it. So, this is to compensate for my 'sort of loss' in my first year. And this is basically like a challenge for myself. How far can I go. I believe, being a youth and ambitious, I might as well test myself in this manner. Having 3 organisations to juggle while at the same time to fulfill my responsibility as a scholar here is personal ambition I would say. I believe I can do it, this is the test to check my belief.

As the title suggests, I was welcomed by Khairul Ariffin and Yan. Khairul, a young lad, ambitious too and has all the positiveness to try and change this world to a better place. He's helping with PROJEK KALSOM's video and publicity voluntarily. Yan, a very unique lady. She's the kind of lady I would expect to meet in an 'Alice in the Wonderland' type of story. Now don't ask me why would I described her in such a way, I can't explain, I just do.

They welcomed me with a meal, fish and chips, claimed to be 'the best in the world' by Yan. And after tasting it, I would say very much the same. At least the best fish and chips I've ever tasted. Then we went to Khairul's place, an awesome place in the old former Arsenal's Highbury stadium. Spent a night there where we talked about many stuffs ranging from Malaysian political scene until the reform in education as proposed by Sir Ken Robinson. Which was a former lecturer in Warwick Unversity. Exchanged books ranging from 'A Rebel's guide to Marxism' to political economics books suggested by Yan i.e. Freakonomics which I have yet to be able to find and read. The awesome thing was, I received a copy of the Inception script written by Christopher Nolan himself. Khairul also taught me some tips in script-writing accompanied by the awesome 'Hummingbird Bakery Cupcake - Red Velvet' and 'Yan's Homemade Lasagne'. In the morning we ate breakfast and off I go for UKEC interview. There were a 'London Jazz Festival' that saturday evening which I missed. Entirely because I didn't know of it and had bought a fixed return ticket to Coventry at 5.43pm. Darn! Must try to go next year if I have the chance. Before boarding my train, I had another go on the fish and chips meal.

All in all, arrived in Coventry at 6 something pm with a soar feet, the new pair of shoes is yet to fit in well with my feet, but satisfied. Had I decided not to go for UKEC interview, I can never know how the process looks like and didn't get the chance to learn the work of Sir Ken Robinson and other discreet stuffs which are not to be said here.

Cheers and Salam! ;)


  1. wow. had i known that khairul guy, i would've experience at least 4 amazing things in life.

    1. being in highbury. yeah, it has turned into flats but still. as an avid arsenal supporter, you can't resist the temptation.

    2. finding somebody (at last) to talk about economy theories and stuff.

    3. script writing. and you bet how much i hate you for getting that copy of inception scripts while i'm not, bro.

    4. jazz. awww....

  2. aku ada freakanomics kalau hand nak...tapi electronic version la...

  3. ahh. freakanomics is soo awesome. you're gonna love the book, trust me :)

  4. That's a lot for you to juggle but of course you can do it. Good luck!

    P/s: Di mana fish & chips sedappppppppppp??????

  5. Avid: Bagi email, aku send copy of inception. Jazz, yeah tapi tak sempat hari tu. darn.

    Afeez Aziz: Jika baik hati boleh hantar ke, ;)

    Att Ashburn: Oh anda baca? Will read bila dapat copy dari Afeez. haha.

    Charo: Thank you for the kind thoughts. Ohh I forgot the name of the restaurant. But it's in Euston Train Station punya food court. Selang 2 or 3 kedai dari Burger King. They are sedap gila! ;)

  6. And kalau orang mainstream mesti kata orang yang baca Confessions of an Economic Hit Man ni suka conspiracy theory tapi aku rasa best gak ah buku ni...bagi kita a new perspective macam mana business nak dominate hidup kita...

  7. your english was so good..

    x rugi blajar kt sana =)


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