Monday, November 08, 2010

An appeal to fellow Malaysians in UK and Eire

Being among the states that offer a cheap range of food and greener scenery in my previous roadtrip, Kedah and Perlis were quite memorable to me. Being in this part of the world which is around 20 hours of flight back to Malaysia, it's heart-breaking to learn that my fellow Malaysians are suffering from flood. It is also heartening to see that technology can bring us benefits when I saw this facebook event created by people whom two of them are my friends here

Again it is up to us to determine what kind of outcome that we want from something. If it's disastrous intention, we'll end up doing dishonourable things. Yet if what we intent to is of greater good, we can end up being like the kind people who created the facebook group and their team of fellow Malaysians whom although being far away from home, are all willing to look back and find out what is happening. And to find ways to contribute in anyway they can to help solve problems.

The least I can do is to promote this noble action and the least you can do is spare some cash into their accounts. Details are as such:

Please donate towards GALAKSI's floods response.

UK Bank account;

Name: MSMR
Account Number: 28095568
Sort code: 30-96-91
Reference: KFEA

Ireland Bank Account;
Name: MRAM
Account Number : 72508064
Sort code : 930121
Reference: KFEA

I have no information of their Malaysian account but I know for sure people in Malaysia must be aware of this. Do help out in anyway we can. InsyaAllah, God bless our doings regardless of our religion, race or status because in the end it is the 'niat' that counts.


Anak muda Malaysia,
Reverie Malaya

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