Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The day when we smile humourlessly,

Frosting grass upon the terrain,
murky haze and somber weather,
accompanying blow of frigid wind,
gives a chill and shrilling pressure,

Like an omen it's telling us,
a great loss of such a loving heart,
in a split second it just came,
only another to destroy,

Oh this world and all the happening,
it's hard to see them as plain just,
but as it is to be obeyed,
as nothing can amend faith,
lest for one and that's we pray,
for rest in peace we hope he may.

EidulAdha came bringing history lessons of our two prophets to believers.
EidulAdha came bringing mournful news to a friend of mine.
This EidulAdha is the day when we smile humourlessly.

Al-Fatihah for Uncle Mohamad Rasidi, son of his mother Mek Stawar.


  1. Faiez.. aku baru baca ni. huu.. maseh faiez..meleleh air mata.. thanks faiez.. No words can describe how much i appreciate this..



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