Thursday, December 24, 2009

Now, it's the meaning of life. Right?

The train I'm riding is slipping off its rail. Yet to crush but it's slipping. I can feel. I know it is. I'm seeing it's slipping off. Away from its rail. What is there for me if it slips? and crash?

It's time to take a few deep breaths. Inhale. Exhale. Look around. Watch everything and start learning from life again. We can never have all the things we want. I learned that. It's okay to learn it again.

Not grateful. Not expressing gratitude. Not looking on the bright side. Not everything positive.

In need of you around me. Close to me.

Mood: Homesick. In need of inspiration. Standing in front of a mirror with an unaffordable item.

*Well, it's Christmast and it's winter. Why shouldn't I be. Are you with me?


  1. kalau kau boleh buat train baru bila train kau terbabas dari landasan, tak apa. kau boleh buat train baru? kalau tak, kau patut kawal train tu seboleh mungkin *macam hero film speed dulu* supaya tak terbabas.

  2. train aku daa derailed.. haahahh

  3. that's the point of making mistakes (i guess it's the explanation of your metaphor about a train slipping off the rail) in life. you learn something.

    btw, i love your perspective in graf hubungan article..keep up your good work!

  4. oh. tempat kau ada salji tak? mane la tau santa datang ke nanti, boleh mintak kt die, hadirkan mereka2 yg kau mau di sisi.

    train slipped dr rail ok lg, jgn hidup kita slip dr landasan sudah la.

  5. Are you with me??? hahahaha..

  6. Luna: baik. sedang cuba kawal ni. :)

    dodu: peh dah derailed? rilek je kau aku tgk.

    avid gunner: thanks. :)

    hikari kun: Santa sini off waktu krismas. santa orang putih pemalas. tak leh harap. haha.

    shidi: itu juga yang kau notice. haha.

  7. In need of u with me. Next to me.

  8. utk keselamatan..sila tukar driver train dengan kadar segera


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