Sunday, December 27, 2009


They were there.
There was the whistleman. Whistling like a bird.
There was the balloonman. Crowded by littluns.
There was a sausage van. A refreshment stand.
There were many languages spoken.
Many races past by.
Many different styles. Fashions too.
There were families. Couples. And loners.
Laughters, arguments filled the air.
Thrilled child pulling his father.
There were leafless trees. Dead but alive.
Many hugs. Many kisses,
yet also frowns.
It was very cold. Yet it was warm.
There was an old couple.
The man patiently help his wife to walk,
and she's using a stick.
There was a gothic couple.
Music was in the air,
when the red indians rhyme their flutes.
Humans and pigeons and everylife else.
A mom was feeding her baby.
There was the sun,
bright sun.

And there was me,
sitting alone with a can of coke.
Watching, or reading.
There were no books nor any phrases.
It was very cold. Yet very warm.

*I broke my guitar. =(


  1. Owh....~
    Jangan bersedih Rev..
    Kumpul duit beli baru k... (^_^)

  2. Rev,

    Boxing Day aritu xde jualan murah tuk gitar ke?

  3. PbW: bersabar kejap. mendiamkan diri. tak mahu beli dulu.

    Kuey-san: it broke after I got home from boxing day.

  4. And there was me
    Looking at u with my sweetest smile
    Deep inside, there's an ache in my heart
    As i could feel how u felt

    No worries dear. Everything will be okay.

  5. dodu: patah.

    qistina: thanks.

    bulan: You're always there. =)

  6. sofea, thanks sofea.

    balqissy, sedang cuba.

  7. macam mana ley patah.. kesian nya..
    biar patah gitar, jangan patah hati dan seiring dengannya
    huhu.. hehe..

  8. anonymous: patah tumbuh hilang berganti, patah gitar tak guna lagi. haha.


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