Friday, December 18, 2009

List of things for me today

1) Failed to go online to skype with my precious families. Went to send some friends to bus station. They were going away to Portsmouth.

2) Tired. After walking from morning till evening in Birmingham before getting back to Coventry in the evening.

3) Jammed with friends in my room, mini studio. :p

4) Talked Zaki into buying a Jackson with Duncan pickup. Cost him 400 pounds. Balik Portsmouth nanti makan pasir. haha. The guitar is satisfying though.

5) Interest in buying a new electric guitar is arousing. Ah, tempting.

6) It snowed this afternoon in Birmingham. I was in Bullring centre. Just came out from Zara when we saw the snow. It was my first snow and it was superb! =)

7) Played under snow. Took pictures. Although it lasted for only around 20 minutes, it was very meaningful.

8) Checked out holidays package for this winter and got across a reasonable deal to Rome. Yet, still have not make up my mind yet. Waiting.

9) Miss all my beloveds. You know who you are. =D

10) Want to wish all the best to my brothers in Malaysia. Especially to Abg Faris and Linda, may everything goes well and the special day in May 2010 comes true.

Mood: Lighthearted


  1. babi.. jackson!!.. waahh!!..
    aku gi bantley.. lepak situ sejam lebih testing gitar.. hahaa..
    anne sampai bosan..
    beli ar jackson!!..
    nak test!.. haha

  2. Zack: dapat. 20 minit. gambar ada kat facebook. haha.

    Bob: Aku tak mahi jackson. Garang untuk aku. Aku tengah aim Les Paul Junior je ni. hehe. Anne kena lah layan. haha.

  3. meo188: selamat. good stuff you have there. nice.

  4. alolololo.. same la kite!!!.. garang2 x bagus.. hahaa.. nak les paul ley x?. belikan satu!


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