Thursday, February 10, 2011

Strengthening the refutation

Salam and hye to all.

I believe the post before drew many attention, which is good. I hope it was able to educate some people to understand the Islamic principle on this matter.

However, like according to 'clear conscience', who commented saying that the discussion has gone off topic and I agree to that. What I intend to do is to share understanding of Islamic principle on 'immoral activities' and for us to realise the existing of difference perspectives in interpreting 'immoral activities' due to our different beliefs. Yet, for Islam, that's how we interpret 'immoral activities' and none can force us to say no as that's how we see things.

Then, the core argument I intended to bring up is to show that Mr Tan is not right to criticise Ustaz Nasrudin's campaign because the campaign is for Muslims and doesn't involve the non-muslims. And the term 'immoral activities' is used from the point of view of Islam. Hence, due to the practice of democracy, it is unwise and rude for such politician like Mr Tan to use phrase like 'mind your own business' in his post to refute a campaign which he doesn't really understand the nature of it. Again let me kindly remind, that the campaign is for muslims and doesn't involve the non-muslims.

Now perhaps some people still doesn't get it, so I'll use an analogy. We know the Hindus don't eat cow meats because of its prohibited by their religion. Hence, if the hindus want to make a campaign to 'check the other hindu people and make sure that they don't slaughter cows and eat their meats', then it's their rights and I won't interfere because it's the matter of their religion. The same case and thing is happening right now with Ustaz Nasrudin campaign. The campaign is done by Muslims and for muslims according to Islamic principles. Hence, why must such non-muslim who doesn't understand the nature of the campaign criticise and say the campaign must be stopped? Furthermore, he accused the campaigner of extremism. As politician, his views may carry weight and it is worrying to have such person being a Malaysian politician. Can't even imagine if he's elected to become our high-profile ministers!

Keep in mind, I would like to bring your attention to this issue because I feel this isn't how we should do things in Malaysia, we need understanding between each other. Because from understanding then only will come tolerance.

The same goes, if the chinese wants to start a campaign 'to make sure the other fellow chinese do not sweep the floor of their house during the first day of Chinese New Year', then people of other religion and beliefs do not have rights to stop this campaign.

As long as the campaign doesn't go into extreme like for the V-Day campaign, if unmarried muslim couples caught kissing each other are killed or beaten like hell then we should stop such campaign. Otherwise, we shouldn't interfere as it's to help our fellow Muslims to avoid from sinning. A brother will take good care of his other brothers and sisters and this is what we are practicing, hence your understanding of this issue is needed to create a situation of tolerance between us although we have different beliefs.

The differences between people should be celebrated yet people are using such things as reason to fight each other.



  1. Dear Reverie,

    You said:
    The same goes, if the chinese wants to start a campaign 'to make sure the other fellow chinese do not sweep the floor of their house during the first day of Chinese New Year', then people of other religion and beliefs do not have rights to stop this campaign.

    I strongly disagree with you on this matter. I am a Chinese. And if one day (hypocritically) these MCA fellas want to go around checking and preventing me from sweeping my floor on the first day of Chinese New Year, I implore you.. PLEASE... speak up against them. For they attempt to violate my rights as a citizen of Malaysia and house-owner.

    Who are they to impose their interpretation of Chinese practice on me? I shall interpret my own Chinese-ness and my values. And I certainly do not imposed my personal practice on anyone else.

    In fact, I just swept my porch on the 1st day of Chinese New Year.

  2. hypothetically NOT hypocritically.
    My mistake.

  3. Kan Chan: Perhaps my example isn't clear enough. If you as Chinese feel so, then it's up to you. But me as a muslim wouldn't interfere with other people religious stand as long as they don't interfere with mine. That's my take. Perhaps the example of 'sweeping floor' is not so much a religious issue but a cultural issue hence making you differ. But if we're talking about religious issue then maybe the views will be different.

  4. The celebration of Vday is prohibited in Islam. That is what the ustaz is trying to say and what the campaign is all about..(faiez, correct me if i'm wrong)... That ustaz feels the need to speak out about this matter, and it happened that he is from PAS. now, this is not a political issue. this is just about stating what is right and what is not. and seriously, do you not read? the campaign is for Muslims only.....

  5. C'mon Reverie,

    You meant if some Chinese religion suggest that children can be kill and sacrifice to appease some deity and set up a campaign to do so, it has nothing to do with you and you will not interfered?

    I fear if this type of thinking is a norm among Muslim. I certainly hope I'm wrong. And I certainly DO NOT THINK you represent Muslim's general thought.

    And my thoughts certainly ONLY represent my own thought.

  6. Reverie,
    are u trying to use the name of Tan Keng Liang to publicize yourself? eh.....please don't jump on the wagon of the racist & religious bigot PAS

  7. Kan Chan: Refer to my post above, the second last paragraph: "As long as the campaign doesn't go into extreme..." I speak for what I stand for and so far insyAllah I speak from my understanding of Islam. I may not be right but if you and others think so, please point out where's not right with facts and examples. If I'm wrong I'll gladly admit.

    Joshua: Mr Tan Keng Liang isn't that popular himself. So if I'm into publicising myself, it's not the best option as I would go for other popular and controversial politicians. Religious PAS I would agree but racist? What'are your facts to show that?

  8. Thank you, Raverie.

    My dear non-Muslims friend,

    ignore the analogues about CNY, cow meat or 'if some Chinese religion suggest that children can be kill and sacrifice to appease some deity and set up a campaign to do so, it has nothing to do with you and you will not interfered?'.

    The topic at hand is whether or not, Muslims in the public should be scrutinized for celebrating V-day. Let's narrow it down to just that. Is spending the day with your bf/gf immoral? To a Muslim, it is very immoral.

    So, put yourselves in a religious Muslim's shoe. Do u think it is wrong for PAS to remind fellow Muslims of that matter? No. Plus, you know that Muslims who are caught in the act won't be getting any serious punishment. Just a little tell-off and a grave reminder that God is watching them. The campaign aims those who do it in public. What happen behind closed door is entirely between the sinner and God. Islamic crime prevention does not wish to punish evil-doers but to curb immorality in public. If you are a Muslim, you would understand. For now, I respect whatever you want to say because you are people who have no knowledge of our religion and I do not blame you.

    Naturally, PAS is not targeting non-Muslims because if PAS was to do that, it will go against God's order to respect other religion. If any non-Muslims get wrongly told-off, I would suggest them to recite this verse from the Quran:

    "Let there be no compulsion in religion: Truth stands out clear from error: whoever rejects Taghut (Anything worshipped beside God) and believes in God hath grasped. The most trustworthy hand-hold, that never breaks. And God heareth and knoweth all things."

    (The Cow (2): 256)

    If the apprehender are really God-fearing man as they claim, they would stop and offer apologies to the wrongly apprehended. If they choose not, tell them that God is fair and you will bring this to the Day of Judgement as one who was wrongly judged on earth.

    If there is anymore topic on the media regarding Islam, I suggest non-Muslims to not take offend since the targets are Muslims.

    Regarding Islam, you might not fully understand but if you take the time and effort, you will understand our way of life. It takes time, even we who were born Muslim took years to understand ant that is at 100% effort. Once you understood, if you think what we have here is very nice, may you consider joining us and be our brother in love with God?

  9. Salam Faiez/Reverie,

    Can u please write an english article on this. We need to clear the misconception:

    -Hariz, liverpool

  10. Neko: Thanks for the discussion. ;)

    Hariz: They have another article in English here:

  11. Reading Tan Keng Liang's tweet ( ) demanding that Valentine's Day has nothing to do with immoral activities makes me wonder whether he is also 'mudah lupa' like No Panties Day planned to be done on Valentine's Day last year.

    Harap perarakan Maulidur Rasul esok lalu depan rumah dia.

  12. assalamualaikum,

    i have read some of your posts but before this i was only a silent reader. this time i cant refrain myself from shutting up. personally, i believe that religion is a strong foundation to govern a person's life. it is religion which provides the guidelines to the proper conduct of life besides providing alternatives and solutions to confront problems and confusions. with regards to the discussion at hand, ie, valentines day, i think that muslims do indeed need repeated reminders regarding this isssue as each day, more and more muslims are deviating from the teachings of Islam.valentines day is only one of the many examples of how religion is put second to the demands of peoples' emotions and wantings. and by 'people', i mean the muslims. no matter how much they love a person, this love should never exceed their love to Allah.thus, if Allah forbids us from close proximity or from sinning on any days (not just valentines), we as Muslims are obliged to follow.sometimes, we forget that religion should always come first. that's why we need costant reminders to prevent us from sinning.


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