Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Discussion: Meaning of patriotism in Malaysia

Salam and hye to all.

Are you familiar with such statements:
"Ah, Kerajaan ke kera-jaan? Rasuah teruk!"
"All government servants only know how to procrastinate, everything they do take twice as long!"
"Why should I work in Malaysia? I'm treated as second-class citizen. Everything is Malay! Better if I work in other countries."

From the statements above I would like to raise the issue of patriotism in Malaysia. The question is, is criticising the same as being patriotic? When we listen to people who criticise and we ask them, why are you criticising? Kutuk saja tau! Most of the time, the response is "Because I care lah, I criticise! If not, I buat diam saja."

I would say, such people is patriotic but in a very negative way. I was once like that. Anti-establishment, anti-everything, rebellious, everything is not right. But joining Projek Kalsom last year made me realised that criticising alone is not and never enough. We'll need to start doing something to improve the condition in Malaysia. Talking and finding faults,everyone can do yet the truly patriotic and nationalist will find cure and solutions to the problems. I believe this is how we should act. It's okay to criticise but at the same time, do or suggest things to improve the situation. In simple words, walk the talk!

The next question is, people who leave Malaysia because they feel they are being treated as a second-class citizen and not given equal opportunity in Malaysia, are they right? Or is it fair for them to criticise the government for their decision to move and work abroad and thus creating brain-drain problems in Malaysia?

I feel such people are not patriotic and are putting the blame on others to try and justify things on their behalf. The argument is for such people who leave Malaysia to work abroad and at the same time, criticise the government and the system in Malaysia to justify their actions. I feel it's not right and by doing that it shows although they have the professional knowledge yet they lack patriotism and willingness to strive to improve the situation in Malaysia.

Brain drain is not a new problem for Malaysia. We should all work and try our best to come back to Malaysia and serve the country in however way we can. I can only find one justification in the actions of the people who move and work abroad, they are materialistic and want the extra cash they can get by working in other countries. Let's not just put the blame on the government but we ourselves don't do anything to improve things. Things won't improve if we don't take actions. I'm firm to a believe, "take a small step, it will lead to big changes in the future. So, start now!"

What's your take on this?

Together for a united Malaysians! ;)


  1. t's not fair to say that all that work abroads are materialistic. may b they simply want a better life. you have experience the living in uk and malaysia. you should know that there are big difference in them. regardless of our race/religion/back ground, we all strive for a better life. im not saying that living in malaysia is bad.. its just probably better to live abroad- less pollution/better education/more civic minded people, etc.. just something to point out :)

    ps: teringin nak overseas tapi tak nak tertinggal nasi lemak n teh tarik ;p

  2. @skywalker Entahlah, semua orang mahukan yang terbaik. Tapi kalau kita sendiri tak cuba berusaha untuk memperbaikkan sistem pelajaran, politik, norma civil, budaya toleransi dan sebagainya. Mungkinkah perubahan akan lagi lambat untuk berlaku?

    Agree with Faiz, I think they are just materialistic lot. Perubahan takkan datang dengan sendiri, kalau mereka yang mempunya kapasiti dari segi kebolehan, intelektualiti dan bakat, tidak mahu menyumbang. Negara dibiarkan terkapai-kapai, lemas dalam korupsi, kebejatan intelektual, dan diskriminasi sosial

    Tapi, itu semua pilihan masing-masing. Mungkin ada sebab-sebab yang lain, namun alangkah lebih baik jika mereka lebih patriotik. :)

  3. "being dissident is the highest form of patriotism!"...(howard zinn)

    sungguh,mengambil iktibar besar yang berlaku kini,
    dari awalnya lagi kita perlu mengambil aksi ke tangan sendiri,itu saja...
    ini adalah tahunnya,untuk meletak kata menjadi laksana!

  4. skyewalker: I think it's fair. Wanting a better life in the sense of material. It's okay actually to want that, just don't point fingers and blame others esp the government for their decision to work somewhere else. Just admit, it's because they want the extra cash and extra things they are offered. Oversea macam mana pun, Malaysia tetap yang terbaik di hati.

    Nazri Awang: Yeah, setuju. Sampai bila nak maju kalau asyik nak kerja luar negara sebab gaji lebih banyak and environment lebih baik. We should strive for it.

    muzikri: For me, not to that extreme bro. We should as repairing agent to check and balance. People yang dok cakap about revolution ni, I feel they are missing the bigger picture of it and that is what comes after revolution? It's not about destroying a government but it's about building a better governance system for us.

  5. betul,being a dissident is one of the key i guess.
    people wont listen when u dun take action,which is both of us are doing now...dats all...
    revolution is essential now,its a must,its us who decide it,n its us whos going to build it...
    n yes,its not bout the government,but its about the governance,not "for" us,but from us..

  6. Dear Reverie,

    Good topic.

    Here are my thoughts:
    If our government is the one who..
    - ate up billions upon billions of our nations wealth together with their family and cronies
    - practice selective prosecutions
    - lies through mainstream media
    - (add your own list)

    Then the way to move our nation forward is the change the government to a better one (or one less evil).

    One of the common reason those who have left Malaysia and intend to do so, is that they want equal opportunity to make a better lives for themselves and their future generation. BUT they do not think the current government can be replaced. And they do not think the current government will repent.

    Another issue we need to face up to is the RACIAL issue. We need to stop this racial mentality.

    I am a Chinese. But I am only a Chinese because if you happened to see me and categorize me as one. I have no particular fondness of being a Chinese. The Chinese have lots of bad culture and traditions. Now, I'm not saying there is nothing good about the Chinese culture. All civilizations have mixture of good and bad cultures. But those who insist on hanging on to their racial identifications usually hangs on to all their bad cultures.

    People who kept hanging on to their racial identity GENERALLY either:
    1. Thinks they are weak, victimized and others owe them a living. They expect hand-outs and money without earing them.
    2. Thinks their racial culture is so special that other groups are beneath them and must be subservient to them.

    We are Malaysian. Racial Identities are a fallacy and useless in nation building. Let me give you examples.

    We always hear the statement.. more or lese like this "70% of the nations wealth are controlled by the Chinese".

    You thing about Chinese controlling the wealth is meaningless.

    So what if Francis Yeoh is mega rich. So what if Lim's family of Genting groups are filthy rich. So what if Kuok's familly is sugary rich. Or Tony's is high-flyingly rich. It meant crap to me. Few years back, my late-father was very sick, brain disease. I have no money to get him proper medical treatment. He suffered a lot and eventually died. NO rich Chinese tycoon came and help me. Even relatives shy away. So, I ask you, what has race got to do with anything in terms of wealth.

    Another example. I used to work for a company owned by 3 Chinese bosses. I was their first staff and worked there many years. Known them before they even started their business. Few years after that, they make a Malay staff their partners by giving him shares and very high salary. Now, this Malay have no political connections or business connections. In fact, he is just a young guy and this is likely his first job. Why? The reason is simple. He works harder then everyone. And he is also smart. I have to say, I cannot compete with him on work-rate or intelligence.

    So, you think these Chinese boss will by-pass this Malay who works hard and bring tonnes of profit to the company OVER me a Chinese who does not work as hard or as smart. Don't be stupid. The Chinese will only say they love their race when it is convenient and easy. The moment it requires money and sacrifice, it is each Chinese to himself man.

    To build our nation therefore...

    Get rid of the corrupted and self-centered Government (if you believe if their "Rakyat Di-dahulukan" story, you are sadly beind deceive.

    Get rid of racial identifications. Only Malaysians can build up Malaysia. Not Malay. Not Indians. Not Chinese. Not Dan Lain-lain.

    Then those who are far away will be want to come back and build together. Then those who are still around will want to stick around. You think someone when they filled up a government form have to put their race as "dan lain-lain" be inspired to build a nation with you (especially when our Dr.M says that Malaysia belongs to the Malay)? Why would anyone be inspired to sacrifice their interest and build something that does not belong to them?

  7. @Muzikri "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, will make violent revolution inevitable"~ JFK

    Do you mean to differ in sentiment or opinion, to disagree with the methods, goals, etc.?

    I'd agree with peaceful means, but not the violent ones.

    @Kan Chan
    I think those who believe so are a bunch of selfish weaklings. They don't want to stand up to what they believe is their rights, and fight for them. They complain, complain all the time, and then they run away. They don't want to face the difficulties and work hard to make changes.

    I'd agree on your second comment about stopping racial mentality. Malaysians are too divided in everything that we've got. Different schools for Malay, Chinese and Indian. Unfair prefential treatments in so many things to the Malay, for the sake of argument that they own the country.

    Some Malays are being overly emotional about the so called "Malay Rights" and "Ketuanan Melayu". Some Chinese lament about being treated as second class citizens in their own country. Some Indians complain about nobody really care about them.

    Some BN's MP's are really racist, I don't understand why people would still wanna vote for them. Tun Mahathir is apparently one of those people.

    I want a country, where everyone has equal opportunity as everybody else. I want no discrimination, for whatever basis they might be. I want a just, incorrupt government, a better education for my kids.

    Indeed, I believe all of this is possible, if all my Malay, Chinese and Indian brothers and sisters, are willing to stand, shoulder to shoulder, to work hard for the change.

    "Hujan emas di negeri orang, hujan batu di negeri sendiri, baik lagi di negeri sendiri"

    I don't care if there are so much more that I can get if I were to work in other countries, I still want to work hard in my own "tanah air", to help improving things where I can contribute.

    It won't be easy, it won't be quick. But I believe it shall be, one day.

  8. @nazri awang
    im a pacifist,n i dont believe in violence to achieve ends...
    and what i meant of being a dissident,is purely based on the most democratic values that we can uphold in this society of ours...
    where they should be a maximum participation,through anything,any means necessary...i do believe in policy debate,which we are seriously lacking in our state...
    and regarding the topics discussed above, on the issue of brain drain..how can we, in malaysia being able not to face it,when we are actually "catalyzing" such things to prevail, by being dependent in the nature of the lowest form of democracy (in my opinion), which is the election? and not being able to translate the vote (power) into something sensible to the notion of democracy (in term of political,economic and social participation)?

  9. muzikri: revolution in a peaceful way, yes. Democracy, yes. Agree. That's right, i was just saying what I said because too many of our youngsters are too caught up in demonstration and stuffs until we forget, the better thing is the process of building up and not the destroying part. To destroy is difficult but to build a better system is more difficult.

    Ken Chan: I agree with what you said. Malaysians build malaysia. And I'm not a fan of 'Ketuanan Melayu; myself. Read my post on that issue few months ago. I agree racial-mentality should not be favoured as the first main important thing. That's how they built this nation, that's what they want when they proposed and lobby for SJK(c) and SJK(t). And I believe this is what we should fight against, to get full unity, we need to have common ground since small hence education is very important in achieving this. But education in Malaysia is where people are sort of segregated according to race and language. Agree to what you said. Meritocracy over cronism or racial similarities, but the situation in Malaysia in reality is different. *sigh*

    Nazri Awang: Yes, work together as Malaysians first. But it's hard to achieve with some YB's themselves making racist remarks. Kadang-kadang making me tired of politics because of all these. Once an UMNO people said, "We don't need chinese and indian votes. With Malay votes we can win this election.". Said during a small election held some time ago. This is disturbing. *sigh*


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