Monday, February 21, 2011

A meet with Dato' Shabery Cheek

Salam sejahtera to all fellow Malaysians.

Alhamdulillah, I've gotten the chance to meet with Dato' Shabery Cheek with some of my friends and counterparts on the capacity of Projek Kalsom Deputy Director. I would like to say Alhamdulillah again as our proposal for Projek Kalsom 17 was endorsed by the Minister of Youth and Sports and he expressed full support and interest to assist us in ways he can. This is good news, and the Projek Kalsom 17 committee will commit to our level best to fulfill what we can achieve.

Now please allow me to share a bit of my experience with this leader of ours. My first unofficial 'meet' with him was when I saw him debating Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim in television and honestly from that point of view, I felt the debate got carried away in a very personal way by him which is not so professional. Hence, my first impression of him is not quite good.

However now I can confirm that this humble minister of ours is quite a down to earth guy. He's very friendly, very nice and smiles a lot. He scooped food for us while we waited in a line for the buffet. He scooped until all the rice in the tray finishes. And he went to all the tables talking to us students. He invited students to join him in his table for dinner. And the best part is when we(the Projek Kalsom 17 committee) approach him to propose our Projek, he spent some of his time to understand our projek and straight away call his p.a to give instructions on how to help us with. A straight away endorsement! I find this very nice of him as a minister, although he can ask us to send the proposal to him and he'll look at it, but he took some time reading it and asking questions to understand it and straight away give things that we need.

Kata orang, tak kenal maka tak cinta. I feel he's a good person and my first impression of him is a total opposite impression as how I view him after today. I hope and will pray for his success and may many more leaders who are down to earth like him been born in Malaysia not caring whether they're from government or opposition. Good leaders are for us to respect and pledge full support.

At least he's unlike some so-called people leaders who care about how many people will come to his event or talk, or berkira sangat penat nak jumpa student. This kind of leader, boleh bungkus nanti. I would want a leader who's approachable, friendly and open and now I can confirm, Dato' Shabery Cheek is one of them, as for now.

Will be meeting Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil and Khairy Jamaluddin next weekend, insyAllah. Is hoping to pitch another proposal for Projek Kalsom to Datuk Seri Shahrizat, please do pray for us. ;)

* Hail to our national racer hero, Azizulhasni Awang who had an accident during race tragically but still managed to make us proud. I'm so touched by his spirit and patriotism! More of his story HERE.

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