Monday, August 16, 2010

Three random thoughts and One interpretation

1) It's funny to see that many of those who are great artists, writers who have the ability to put life in imagination and geniuses are if not emotionally unstable, are not as normal as how we defined normal in this life. Lots of stories I heard and read about all the suicides and murders. It's even more funny to discover how many of these many emotionally retarded people are not even known, at least not until after their death. Is it up to how they are accepted by the masses or how they want to be accepted? I mean, dying to be in the 27 club, the thought is cool but it's cooler to have lived and give back something to the people who loved you. The irony is did they die for the mass or did the mass killed them as entertainment?

2) If we're bright enough to notice, this world evolves around the same thing like before. In whatever businesses we have, we can learn to live out of the primitives age yet we can't ever take the primitives out of us. The saying is kind of truthful in its meaning.

3) These are ways to interpret life. To show to the mass, how they live life and how they see it. They're beautiful but sometimes scary. Meaningful yet sometimes dull. But the best thing about it is that no one has ever succeeded in showing people what is all about life. That's why it's becoming more of an item that catches interests.

*Love is a word often misinterpreted. For some loving is about kissing, hugging and caressing each others private part tenderly, this is how the term make love was found. For some love is all about taking care of each other and being there for the better half in good and bad times, this is how we learn that men are from mars and women are from venus. I could never define how i understood love, perhaps I've never learn to understand it. The dumb part about this is it's harder for us to see, love is not for only two people.



  1. there is a thin lines between sanity and insanity
    maybe it should be called genius kot...hahaha

  2. muzikri: if only such line exists. haha. too many ways to interpret life.


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