Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lovers talk

That day I was standing and you kneeling,
the usual quarrel we had,
tears running down your eyes,
while me, my heart.

It's then time we sit at the window,
I'll get my guitar; and you can make me a cup of tea,
We spend all evening swinging by the melody,
watching the moon replacing resting sun.

I cannot be you, and you're not me,
Let's stop trying,
Cause we are puzzles,
Different in shapes,
but completing each other.


  1. ok what the heck was that? A poem wrote by you or a song's lyrics? Because it's good and beautiful ;)

  2. that's beautiful man. you should patent it before justin bieber steal it.

  3. hey Rev, sorry, it's me again. i need to say something to 'Avid Gunner' which is;


  4. kuey-san: this is just random words coming out caused by emotions and circumstances. :)

    avid: hahahahahaha. btw thanks man.

    izzat: thanks.

  5. nice poem..
    i feel like i'm connected to it.

  6. miss kebaya: i feel many people are connected to this. ;)


  7. sofea: lama tak check in sini. ;)

    Charo: hehe, thanks. ;)


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