Saturday, January 30, 2010

Letter to the leaders.

Dear leaders.

It is unwise for me to give any decision on any political parties as for the moment. It has been politically unstable in Malaysia since the last elections with many issues rising to disturb harmony and racial integrity(Well if there's any integrity in Malaysia). Yet, it is all common. We cannot keep continuing to avoid all these issues of religions and races. Like what Lim Kit Siang said, it's like a timebomb. Started by the 'all-wise' people when they tried to negotiate independent with the British Government. Forming a Malays party, Chinese party and Indians party was a very short-sighted solution from the leaders at that time. As a result we can see tensions filling the space in the sovereign land we call Malaysia. As for me, the act to divide the races according to parties in itself is an anti-racial integration action.

We can see in the last election where BN lost many seats, even states with major economical power in Malaysia. Some say this is because the people don't trust the government at that time anymore. Some say it's because the opposition has started to become more relevant to the need of Malaysians. I tend to agree to the first suggestion. I don't think many malays in this well racially-groomed nation would like to have the overly expressive Teresa Kok as their leader.

However, the way things were handled by both parties nowadays are not fully people-oriented from what I see. Both sides are doing things, expressing ideas and conveying messages that have importance to their needs and wants. Many issues were brought up in order to gain support and this is done by both parties. From the issue of Azan to the recent issue of 'the use of Allah by Christians'.

It is foolish to keep supporting the party where the leaders keep taking bribes and shares and at the same time sell the properties and lands of Malaysians to others as they wish to their own interests. I will say those who keeps voting for these leaders are either dumb and stupid or have their own motives and importance. On the other hand, it is also confusing to see the opposition party working together despite the difference in their core fundamental beliefs of each parties. I have always wondered, why on earth would PAS work with DAP as both parties have completely different ideas and purposes. I feel they work together because it is their only way to stop BN from having the 2/3 majority in elections. And yes, their strategies work. I'm interested to see now, how far will this collaboration goes on and to which extent will both parties compromise to each other needs.

As for PKR, it is a well composed party. If racial integrity is to work successfully, I can say that PKR is the most suitable party to introduce the idea of 1Malaysia and realize it. Still, working with DAP causes imbalance in the support that they gain. DAP which is mainly supported by non-Malays, exclusively Chinese causes this imbalance. Proofs? The recent elections where few states fall in the hand of the opposition can show this. In Perak for example, with DAP winning most seats, they almost caused tension on the issue of who should be the MB of Perak. As a result of this imbalance, the Sultan of Perak need to get involved to solve the issue. Luckily for us that the Sultan is a wise man and grasp full understanding in the law field, hence he was able to overcome the issue. if not, who knows how more political this could be played.

Thus, it is from my point of view that neither sides are worth voting now. Both don't deserve the respect and trust from me. This is a very personal point of view but it's a rational one for me. In the next election if this keeps going on. With both parties playing with issues according to their needs and importance, why should we support any of them? Malaysians had once voted the opposition as a sign of protest to BN, we can do the same to both parties to let them know that Malaysia is not for BN nor for opposition coalition. But Malaysia is for Malaysians and you leaders need to start giving Malaysians, what we need and not what YOU need! I don't need advice on whether Allah should be use or should not be used in Christians, but what I know. You need to find ways to feed those poor people. Give house to the homeless. Raise charity to our own Malaysians. Provide jobs for jobless graduates. Provide training grounds for youths to improve skills and management abilities. Overcome the mat rempit issue. Drugs, alcohols and sex abuse. Either you start to get serious in finding and providing solutions to these never ending problems or I'm not voting any of you. The interpretation is back to the point of voting anyway.

Rakyat marhaen,


  1. jangan2 belakang2 ni semua ade campur tangan mason.aku syak camtu ar.biasa benda2 licik ni mason ar punya keja.fuck mason

  2. emmm..
    aku ni x mahir sangat politik..
    tapi ape yang ak nampak skang macam ko cakap r..
    ramai pemimpin jadi pemimpin bukan sebab nak jaga rakyat, tapi nak penohkan poket diorag senirik sehingga menjadikan rakyat mangsa keadaan..
    politik sekarang banyak kotor r...

  3. betul. macam mane kite nak undi jalan yang betul, bile sume pilihan yang diberi membawe kepade keburukan?

  4. a brilliant post..dah tulis sume, so dah tak tau nak komen ape..huhu..but, very true and blunt..hope org2 atasan sana terbace blog ni, biar diorg sedar sikit :)

  5. the dr: konfem mason ada campur tangan. Malaysia bukan negara islam yang suci pun. in fact aku tak rasa malaysia ni berteraskan islam sangat. cuma kena research sendiri je baru leh tau.

    Shahril: maka buat apa undi. Semua pun tak betul.

    sofea: Lebih baik kita pergi hari undi dan buat undi rosak. atau tak payah turun undi. Buat apa berkomplot secara tidak langsung.

    MissA: Dah lama nak post ni tapi masa tak mengizinkan. Politics in Malaysia nowadays is very polluted with self-centered individuals being the leaders.

  6. mungkin pas je lah yang boleh pakai kot.sebab islamic based.yang lain semua hampeh.keadilan pun same gak.xbleh pakai.aku bukanlah pengikut mana2 parti tapi ni pendapat aku la.

  7. pas? tapi bile bace suratkhabar harakah tu, banyak mengutuk orang dari bagi info bfaedah. islamic based sgtkah kalau macam tu?

  8. Aku akan boleh mengundi lepas bulan 3 nanti. Patut ke aku rasa teruja?

    ps: marhaen tu apa?

    Luna K

  9. Politics is dirtyy.
    i just wanna be a good citizen that's all.

  10. the dr: pas pun aku tak percaya dah pis kecuali sesetengah ulama dalam pas.

    Anon: sama la semua surat khabar pun. semua mereka sama. Dari segi parti semua aku tak percaya. Namun dari segi individu masih ada pemimpin yang boleh diharapkan.

    Luna: Aku dah lepas tempoh tu. Dan untuk next undi aku akan buat undi rosak atau tidak turun mengundi langsung.marhaen tu kat sini maksudnya bagi aku rakyat biasa sederhana tetapi yang tak akan tunduk bila ketidakadilan dilaksanakan diatasnya.

    qistina: It's the people who are dirty and not politics. ;)


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