Sunday, October 04, 2009

Goodbye Malaysia, Hallo Warwickshire!

I left KLIA at around 11.45pm. I left my souls and loves there waving at me.

Arrived at Heathrow Airport at 6am more or less. It took us 12 hours and 40 minutes of flight time. Many feelings surrounded me. All mixed up. Don't know what is in front of me. Well, no one knows what's waiting for them right.

Don't want to miss out any chances, hopefully.

Took some photos but with my friend's cam. Uploading in the near future. Bought some things at IKEA. IKEA here in Coventry is so damn big. I got lost 2 times. The first trying to find my duvet. Second when trying to check out at the cashier's counter.

Spent 11.95 pounds at IKEA. Another 3 pounds for pizza.

Glad that my mom packed lots and lots and lots of serunding for me. Food here is pricey. Cooking cost us less but I need to settle down first before I can do any cooking.

What I notice here, the 'mat salleh's' cars are all dirty. Dusty. Not looking good in terms of hygiene.

It's the beginning of Autumn now. Temperature at around 12C here. A little bit colder than Genting I guess. I shivered.

Now it's Maghrib at around 6.42. Want to pray, then go out taking pictures with my new cam. =)

Cheers mates!


  1. liz:
    it sure does. =) especially the part where the coldness chills my bones.
    Sejuk sampai selsema.

  2. tak sabar tunggu feb 2010. turn kami plk :)

  3. i'll go there, soon ;)

    good luck mate!

  4. hehee. woah dah sampai ye? (:
    faiez err sorry ade call ke mlm tu? ada this one celcom number call, i was only thinking about u lah sbb taw u mau fly malam tu.
    pls pretty pls ltk gmba kat blog ni! haha.

  5. waaa..hey, na pic pliss :))
    excited to hear ur next post abt Warwick meh. send my regard to ur other frens okayh :)
    TAKE CARE most u ppl!

  6. Sara: That's the spirit!! =)

    Sue: aww im touched. nanti upload gambar ek. i bought a new slr. =)

    nako: allright. good luck to you too. come here next year k.

    Luna: pasang impian, kejar cita2. -)

  7. kesian ak tgok mona..
    mata asyik bengkak...
    rindu kat ko agaknya..

  8. good luck n kejar impian n ingat pd Allah selalu supaya Allah jua ingat kamu sentiasa. by Mama.

  9. suehanna:
    thanks. haha. =)

    err. tahu. tapi apa boleh buat.

    Thanks mama! =)


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