Monday, October 05, 2009

2nd day in Coventry


My 2nd day in Coventry. Got up early in the morning. Chatted with her. =)
Went to the university. It was huge! Gigantic! With tons of people. The air chills too, of course. Very refreshing morning.
I went to get my university student card.

Spoke to a frenchwoman while waiting in a line for the student card. She's doing History of Arts. Studying Picasso while he's young and living. Imagine that!

Got a free pizza from Domino's promo. The pizza's my b'fast.

Went around with my new SLR, trying to act pro. Took photos. Uploaded in my other blog. 'fakeoriginality'. Pls, do comment. but don't be harsh. It's my first tie and everyone has their first times too right. =)

Went shopping. Spent around 20 pounds for some milk, orange juice, bread, onions, fries and a set of duvet.

Cooked. haha. my friends did the cooking. Ate rice and some dishes with my other 4 friends. Tambah nasi.

Dah kenyang, mengantuk la. Apa lagi? haha.

That's all for now. Thank you and have a good day.

*Im a first timer using Sony A200 DSLR. Photos at 'fakeoriginality' blog.



    drop your comments pls. =)

  2. ingat E471....hehehe

    good luck in ur study bro..

  3. Haih~
    Sama cam kita blaja sal shakespeare la kan?

  4. ben:
    E471? maaf bro. saya ni pelupa sikit. huhu.

    yup. Cuma kamu more to the words. Dia more to history. =)


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