Saturday, June 21, 2014

Vocabulary Game

A simple vocabulary game which can be done to suit any level.

1. Divide students into small groups.
2. Provide each group with dictionary. I suggest 2 dictionaries for a group of 4.
3. Give students the first word. For example I gave the word 'fame'
4. Each student will take turn to write a new meaningful word based from the word given. The student can only change one letter of the word at a time.
5. They can refer to the dictionary to find words. 
6. The group with the most number of meaningful words win the game.

Extra note:
1. I ask my students to write the meaning of the words they write and ask them to explain the meaning to their friends when we go through the wordlist they have created.
2. My students are in form 3, I did the game for only 15 minutes. Throughout this game, they found and used many words they have never come across before!

So, good luck trying this in your class. ;)

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