Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Malays common ground

The malays have many differences. This is true. Differences in income gap, culture between those who lives in a traditional village and those living in big city, differences in terms of ideologies, in terms of political views and much more. However, what we must do to become a united group of people is find a common ground, a uniting platform between us. If we manage to find this, we should be able to create a compromising uniteness between all different groups that we have despite being in the same 'kind' of people. And this common platform that I can see as working is Islam.

Talking on a much general basis, Malays have always been associated with Islam, plainly speaking Malay is Islam. Although there are some exceptional cases where there are Malays who believes in other religions and beliefs system especially Christianity, the common conception of being Malay is being a Muslim. This argument however cannot put down the other distracting facts that not all 'Muslim' Malays are really practicing and embracing Islam. To put this in simpler words, Islam have grown to become only like a custom and traditional rituals to some Muslims (not all, there are quite a significant number of Muslims who really embrace and practice Islam as a way of life according to Al-Quran and Sunnah) This situation is really disturbing. Hence I believe if we can achieve this common ground together and believe in it, we should be able to set aside other differences and concentrate on one thing to work on as a united community.

To achieve this is not easy. It involves participation and willingness from all kind of groups consisting Malays in Malaysia. But the most important thing I feel that needs to be addressed to realize this issue is for the Malay leaders to really preach and practice and understand the value of Islam and acknowledge it as having wider responsibility other than only being traditional customs and then for other Malays to help and provide guidance in order to establish this idea in a gradual process. Being separated and opposing each other will not work but uniting as one entity will help to preserve our value, belief system and lastly promote what's important to us all, and that is Islam.

*Now what's your take on this?



  1. it's not gonna be easy but it's certainly the most ideal way to unite us. But, i'd rather view myself as a Malaysian first, and then as a member of my ethnic group.

  2. avid gunner: the focus for this article is malay and platform and its unity. article about malaysians and its platform of unity will be written later. ;)

  3. haha. i've been waiting for that one. keep me posted.

  4. "Being separated and opposing each other will not work..." True. Period. And stereotyping definitely doesn't work. Hate that. Exclamation mark. *emo* hahaha


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