Thursday, February 18, 2010

Words are understood as how you want to understand them.

1) There will come a time when the Malays be pushed to their limits, out of the comfort zone. At least I hope the time will come. So then they would realize what need to be done in order to survive.

2) The scenario now every 5 years in Malaysia is like you are given two choices. First, the same old shit that's rotten on your right hand. Then there's also a shit on your left hand but it's just newer and not so rotten as the one in your right hand. Now, you are asked to choose which shit you want. So, think yourself. Why even bother choosing when the best you can choose is still shit?

3) They ask you to be responsible. Fulfill your responsibility. But! Why do you need to be responsible when what you are choosing is not doing what they are responsible for?

4) If you see a group of frogs. One kind is brown in colour. Another is black in colour and the other is white in colour. Do you call them white,black and brown or just frogs?

5) When clowns bullshit they make people laugh and smile. When politicians bullshit, they do it at the expense of others.

6) No matter how hard is it, your loved ones always give reasons for you to keep going on strong.

* It's 4:14am here. Exhausted after a long day. Still many works to be done. May all of you have blissful time ahead with your loved ones. ;)


  1. word of wisdom, eh?
    love no.4 though!

  2. tambah lah lagi satu... ibarat memasak, lepas tu alatan terbiar, akhirnya sisa menjadi keras, sukar utk dikikis keluar...


  3. patot la acan klua analogi frog kt chic cot td. hahaha.

  4. avid: tak wisdom sangat pun. haha.

    dodu: itu naikkan notis je. hehe.

    Luna:You're welcome. ;)

    shidi: ya ka. acan dok kluaq analogi katak? hahaha.


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