Sunday, August 30, 2009

Watch Over You

There was this couple. Husband and wife. They had loved each other for more than 15 years. Both were successful. Professionals in their own respective field of work. Then, an accident occured. The wife was blinded. And thus the story begin...

The husband helps to motivate the wife. each and everyday. Stand beside her, with lovely words to support her. Her husband gets up early every morning to prepare their breakfast. He feeds her. He sends her to work, then only he goes to his office. In the evening, he waited for her until late evening to fetch her back. The routine goes for one month. Until one day he got tired of it.

"From tomorrow onwards, you're gonna have to go to work on your own. by bus. I don't have the time to send and fetch you anymore." the husband said.
Shocked upon hearing this, the wife answered,"But I'm blind. How am i supposed to go on my own?"
"I'll help you for a few days. Then you'll be okay. Goodnight" The husband said and leave her for

Starting the next day, the husband helps his wife. He walks her to the bus stop. Stop the bus for her. Talk and introduce her to the kind driver. Pay the fare. Help her until she arrive at work. Then waited for her in the evening. Stop the bus and accompany her back. This goes on for a few days.

Then the husband said,"I think you should be okay now. I'm going to accompany you no more starting tomorrow."

So, there goes the journey of the blind wife to work. Each and everyday. Although it seems normal to us, it was rather difficult for a blind like her. She goes alone. Until she gets used to it. Yet, in her heart. She feels weak and sad. She was devastated to realize that her husband has changed. He had been her fair-weathered friend. Loving her only on easy times. She feels far from him when she needs him the most now.

Until one day, upon arriving at her house. She paid the fare and started walking down the bus' steps.
Then the driver said,"Thank you ma'am. And you too sir. Have a safe journey back, both of you"
She was puzzled. "Dear sir, why did you said 'both of you'? Is there anyone here too."
"Oh, your husband. Your husband was here with you. Each and everyday. Watching over you. You didn't know ma'am?"


*Why do you think, the husband did that?
(The idea was extracted from Bulan, whom read it in one of the novel from 'Chicken soup for the souls. Words are from me. Don't mind the grammar. heh)



  1. sweet..

    ahaa.. anep mcm 2 taa..

  2. idea macam ps i love you. ye tak? hehe. maybe husband dia nak suruh prepare in case dia dah takde lepas ni and no longer can help his dearest wife.

    gile laaaaah. org perempuan mmg mcm ni. pk macam2. ahahaha. padahal husband org tu ada je kat sebelah, dia boleh sedih2 jugak ;p

  3. haaaaaah!!
    sgt seperti PS I Love You!

    he wanted to make sure that his wife can survive alone when he's not around anymore.
    can i have a husband like that? ;P

  4. Boleh ke saya menjadi macam tu?
    Nice btw.

  5. baru nak cakap macam PS I Love You tengok2 dah ramai cakap hehe.

    he wants his wife to be independent :)

  6. best!!! huuu.. chicken soup for souls, lame dah aku xbace... xpnah abes.. hahah.. sweet...

  7. sweet gile. =)
    mybe die nk bini die berdikari kot.. sambil tu die watch over .. 4 her security

  8. bes lah ini cerita...huhu..husband die nk die berdikari n at the same time, die watch over bini die...=)

  9. sha:
    anep mesti cam tu. aku tahu. kawan aku.

    aku tak pernah tgk ps i love you. haha.

    rujuk komen atas. haha.

    penulis sahaja:
    boleh. mesti boleh. =)

    rujuk 2 komen atas. haha.

    thank you bro.

    mamma mia:
    hehe. agaknya. =)

    huhu. sweet yeah. aku pn tak baca sgt.

    hehe. sama2. betul la tu. =)

  10. Salam.. Blog hopping~

    Cerita menarik. Pada awlnya nmpk cam sdih, tp rupa2nya gumbira. Itulah, kdg2 kita cpt sgt hilang kpercayaan pada ssorg.. Bgus2!

  11. hak3..citer neh dah byk kali version dia..hak3..aku bce kat mner ntah kat sek kot..hak3..


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