Saturday, June 20, 2009

New American Classic - Feels so close. Yes, it's close!

I closed my eyes and listened.
All the words were scattered in me.
My lips, they started moving.
I realized I was singing with my heart.

Whispering the meaning.
As it was resonating,
I began to realize
and understood.

You gave me butterflies every time I think of you, yet I still don't know where are we heading from here. You tell me?

*I tried to upload New American Classic by Taking Back Sunday but failed many times. It is a lovely song. The lyrics are something at the moment.


  1. oho~ i hav d song
    *bribe me*

    nampaknya, anda agak melo nak tinggalkan tanah air?


  2. huhu.. ada kah..
    anda bermasalah? ngehehehe~ nnty gue dgrkan ini lagu :D
    tnx fo sharing!

  3. Buat Luna:
    Bukan mellow ingin meninggalkan tanah air. =p

    buat sha:
    Lagu ni best. Dengar la.

  4. mcm sume org, fav aku cute without 'e'.

  5. buat Airin:
    Memang. lyrics dia meaningful juga!

    buat Akukopi:
    Make damn sure pun best juga. Cute without the e pun sama. cuma ni special sikit untuk aku. heh he.


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