Thursday, February 09, 2012

To a friend of ours who's currently resting.

You've been a great friend to each and everyone of us. With such bubbly and lovable personality of yours. Who would forget having such a friend who's always smiling and joyful.

And I would not forget that day when you welcome this girl into our bus. From there, I met that someone and she became my special one. A part from that, thanks to you! Your friendliness with people helped me meet her.

Dear friend, your friends are all waiting here. Mixed emotions and reactions. So, come and get back up! So we can feel the same, old yesterday again together.

*Boleh tahan stylo juga mamat yang paling kecik dalam video ni kan? Nak minta sain dia nanti la sejak dah jadi artis youtube ni.

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