Thursday, December 15, 2011

Croatia Trip - Zagreb to Rostoke

I've got the chance to go to Croatia and Bosnia Herzegovina last week. The trip lasted for 8 days or so. Went there with a friend of mine and we drove around starting from Zagreb to Sarajevo with many stops and then back to Zagreb for our flight back again. When we returned the car, i checked that we drove 1813.1 km. Was a marvellous trip. An awesome start to my first European holiday. I will update full details bits by bits as now am in Cordoba, Spain so will be quite hard to dedicate my time to writing as there are plenty of wonders and cultures to see around here. Here we go ;) Day One We arrived at Zagreb Airport and straight went to Europcar office to get our booked rental car. Apparently Afiq didn't bring his credit card so we can't get the car. It sucked cause the Europcar people wasn't friendly and not very helpful. Luckily we talked to this guy named Marko, and he let us settled for a car, paying via direct debit visa card. It was convenient and turned out it was cheaper than Europcar! So I learnt, if u want to rent a car, I believe you can settle for other better deals than Europcar. While Syafiq was settling our car thing, I talked to Tamara, the lady at tourist info office who is maybe in her mid twenties. Grabbed few maps and suggestions, we drove our car to our first stop, Rostoke. We didn't know what to do but since there is this magnificient waterfall and on water village in Rostoke, we decided to go and stop there. We didn't enter Zagreb city too. It was getting darker. Night comes faster in Winter as we drive in Croatia. Was a completely different scenery than other places I visited. Not many English speaking people. Lots of Zimmer (homestay, i guess) alongside the road. We stopped for a cup of honey & lemon tea on the way to Rostoke. There was nice and small cabin besides the restoran (spelled the same as BM here), we tried asking for the rent and the lady told us it was around 100 kuna (Croatian cash, around 13 Euro) each. The cabin was lovely but it didn't has heating facility and to take bath we'll need to walk outside in the coldness to the main building. We asked for discounts but were offered free breakfast instead. If only the lady agreed to lesser prices, I would have opted to spend a night there. As we drove, we got hungry and stopped to look for bread. Stopped at a small grocery shop but no bread was found. With no English, surprisingly it was easy to ask the shopkeeper for some bread. Made a gesture (like putting some jem on a bread) and immediately he showed us a Pekara (bread shop) few shops away from his store. I bought a loaf of bread for less than a pound, homemade bread, fresh from oven, the size of a thigh. The bread lasted for quite some time. We had no idea where to sleep but we arrived at Rostoke and saw this eye-catching waterfall besides the village and straight away decided that we would sleep in our car there, besides it with the sounds of gushing waterfall becoming our lullaby for the night. And I'm glad we decided it that way. ;) *Pictures to come later too.

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