Saturday, March 05, 2011

Interview with Khairy Jamaluddin

First of all I would like to praise the good work by UKEConnect to initiate the start of Connectwork team. Connectwork is a division aiming to interview professionals, academicians, politicians, young leaders and also get student opinion on issues that matters. It's a new way of approaching the students in public and get their voices heard.

As a start, we manage to interview YB Khairy Jamaluddin. The editorial team came up with questions ranging from brain-drain, student activism, AUKU until the personal question of is KJ leaving the arena of politics and why?

So here's the new v=interview video on youtube: ---> An Interview with Khairy Jamaluddin

Although KJ isn't favoured by many people including people in his own UMNO camp. We cannot deny the fact that his stance on the issues of meritocracy and justice is very important and true and we need to accept what he said about this matter.

*Congratulations to the Connectwork team especially the editorial team, excellent questions we came up with. ;)


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