Thursday, September 23, 2010

Extra infos in Warwick

First of all, I'd like to welcome again all the friends coming from ipoh to warwick. I sure hope you guys have a nice flight from klia to heathrow. Can't be there to hantar you all cause my flight's gonna be earlier a few days than you guys. Here are some extra infos for those who care:

1) You can check WarwickSU website for promotions, advertising, latest event but most importantly infos on sports, clubs and societies in warwick. There are tons of them so grab your chance now.

2) There will be a freshers fair in the opening first week and some societies will be there in booths to advertise their societies but not all! So, to have a good thorough look, it's better to go through the warwickSU website.

3) Upon arriving you will need to prepare for the upcoming winter and you might want to decorate your room and buy some essential stuffs for yourselves like duvet, mattress, toothbrush etc. So there will be a trip organize by friends from warwick to the town to brief you guys. If you miss the trip, feel free to ask me or my friends and we'll bring you guys around.

4) Warwick do offer certificate education with lots of interesting 1 year courses with price ranging from 180 - 600 something pounds per course. So those interested to take up extra knowledge and lessons can try to visit the page and check out suitable courses for yourself. Don't worry, cash given should be enough.

5) Do come to the first Warwick Malaysian Student Association gathering later yeah!

6) Gig lovers boleh lepak dengan aku untuk info-info tempat gig berdekatan Coventry. ;)

Safe journey. Will see you soon there. Buat rumah terbuka nanti ajak-ajak lah aku yep. ;)



  1. Abang.. saya berminat dengan gig.. dimanakah tempat gig yang best abang~

  2. saya suke no 6 tu la abang..

  3. rumah terbuka Rootes jangan lupa mai naa ;DD
    thanks ah? :)

  4. nako,
    it's more like HALL TERBUKA =P

  5. no 6 seems interestin.
    would like 2 join in.


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