Monday, May 24, 2010

Facts and figures of Capitalism and it's alternative

Facts of Capitalism:

1) 2005: 80% of world's population live under 10$ a day.
2) 24,000 children die each day due to poverty.

- Guess what? These kids who died, they died quietly in somewhere in this world which is remote. And those who live under 10$ a day, most of them come from what we label as the 'third world country'

3) Some 1.1 billion people in developing countries have inadequate access to water, and 2.6 billion lack basic sanitation.
4) The world’s billionaires — just 497 people (approximately 0.000008% of the world’s population)

- Hey! Do we really care if they don't have water? After all, the media don't picture these. They prefer to put dumb artists talking about sex, women and drugs on the show. And I suppose these billionaires came from the concept of MNC = Multinational corporation. Ala, you know la. Like in Indonesia. Oils in Indonesian land but ExxonMobile sdn bhd control the profits. Some people who owns the company become rich. The indonesians? Who give a fuck about them. Stop whining, it's capitalism after all.

5) 3rd world debt. Need I mention that the debt will never get paid. Like Africa, in 1970s debt was $11billion. 2002 it goes up to $295 billion. That's africa alone. Modern developed country? Italy, Germany, Britain. Go and do research as to what extent their debt is. There can never be debt-free country in this system.
6) Debt can be cancelled as their 'along/money-lender' wishes.

-After WW1, some of Germany's debt get cancelled. Britain gets refinancing. Paying the debt in lower rate to US. Hey, if US is so great that they are able to lend out money to the world. Why are there poor people there? and why don't they cancel third world debt? Simply because they pick and choose. Ala, like our PM. Pick and choose which Islamic teaching he wants to adhere to. Kalimah Allah tak boleh cakap. Isu besar. Tapi, Judi terang-terang dalam Surah Al-Maidah (ayat 90-91) Allah cakap suruh jauhi, dia tak mau ikut. wth? ^^'

7) Debt keep increasing because the countries need to pay not only the sum of money they borrowed but also the interest-rate! (riba') Imagine if they borrow 1 million and the interest is like what Ptptn charged which is 3%. The need to pay 1million plus the extra 30,000. What if the debt is 295 billion like Africa? Go and get your calculator.

The truth is, capitalism is made to serve a small group of people. The 500 billionaires become billionaires at the expense of other nations wealth. E.g exxonmobile and indonesia. And the best thing is, they borrow money, lend money without proper guarantee. Today you borrow 1million usd. And the value might drop tomorrow making what you have is lesser than the value you borrowed. They feed on interest. Like Along bukit beruntung. But you can see for yourselves. How democracy plays it part in allowing along capitalism to work freely but along bukit beruntung get caught and molested their asses out (unless they offer bribery)

Statistics read and taken here, here, and here.

What choice do we have? Islamic Economic System. Proves?

"Ada masa pemerintahan Khalifah Umar bin Khaththab selama 10 tahun, kesejahteraan merata ke segenap penjuru negeri. Abu Ubaid menuturkan (Al-Amwâl, hlm. 596) bahwa dalam tiga tahun saja masa pemerintahan Khalifah Umar, di wilayah Yaman saja, setiap tahun Muadz bin Jabal mengirimkan separuh bahkan seluruh hasil zakat yang dipungutnya kepada Khalifah Umar. Harta zakat itu tidak dibagikan kepada kalangan fakir-miskin. Masalahnya, kata Muadz, Saya tidak menjumpai seorang (miskin) pun yang berhak menerima bagian zakat." (Al-Qaradhawi, 1995)

* Facts are facts, mate. Capitalism is made to be doomed and we're nearly there. Go and dig more if you do care.


  1. erm,smalam ak bca times pn,ade facts yg agak best la
    kat US,1 percent of the rich population,control the wealth of the nation,meanwhile another 95 percent,suffering the consequences...lg 4 percent ak xtau..try la tgk times...
    ape yg ak nk bkn kekayaan
    ape yg ak rsa semua org nk ialah
    ade 3 bnda nie,semua kerajaan dlm dunia nie tkut pda rakyat masing2....
    kita semua adalah kaum majoriti tertindas...
    bkn kaum pda warna,keturunan,kabilah...
    itu semua ilusi yg cerakinkan kita
    cuba kita sembang pda dasar inklusiviti,
    tidak akan ada lagi esklusiviti..

  2. aku kat indonesia merasakan point no 3 kau tu. air ngn sanitation kat sini teruk. aku nak mandi pakai air perigi yang xtapis ape2 sebab air dari government xmengalir pun kat umah aku.kalo nak minum xboleh sebab banyak giler microorganism kalau masak pun xcukup nak matikan dia. kalo takat diarhea tu perkara biasa bagi orang disini.

  3. divide and conquer. melayu cina india. hitam, putih, coklat. inklusiviti tak ada dalam holy book of kapitalism. aku setuju dgn kau.

  4. Salam Reverie

    aku rs kita perlukn V for vandetta..haha

  5. the dr: Tabah kau hidup macam tu pis. tak pe, besar lagi pahala kau menuntut ilmu. Balik Malaysia, macam-macam lagi kau belajar. Boleh berbakti pada semua.

  6. yusuf: wkmsalam. haha V tu radikal sangat dah.

  7. rev, ur statistic and data here betul..

    ruginye i tak baca entry u nih time i search for statistic for my presentation last Sunday..

    Anyway, apa yg i nak kongsi, u dah share dulu.. hehe..

    so, sambungan entry i just copy from here, can? and add some of my points.

    also the solution that i gave..

  8. wanita mustanir: Orait. Boleh je nak copy. tak ada masalah. ;)


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