Thursday, September 24, 2009

PostRaya post.

This Raya was something. It was complete. All of us(my family was here) Yeah, as it was my last raya before continuing my journey to United Kingdom. There were many things to complete. Couldn't access the net for the past few days.

First raya received a total of 150 Ringgit Malaysia. haha. It seems that the older you are, the meaningless Raya is for you except for the 'family gathering' part. The money doesn't come very much too either.

My phone broke down since the past three days. So, some of my friends who tried to contact me, I'm sorry that you can't reach me. But, life without phone is quite pleasing me.

The pressure is starting to heat up. Towards me of course and also the way I think. It's affected. Things are complicated. With this and that to look onto. It's kind of hard.

IQ and EQ are two different things. You can be the smartest person on earth but still can't control your emotions. Therefore, you won't be the best. I think for now, I can balance myself. At least, hopefully.

The future is unthinkable. Unimaginable. But the right word is Unexpected, I guess so. You can figure out your plan and what to do. Still, the result can hardly be the same as what you expected.

Don't count solely on me for what may happen can be harsh. For the two of us. Don't you think so?

Again, many things to complete. Many promises to fulfill. I still owe Luna her song. haha. Just be patient. =)




  1. "Just be patience. =)"
    Patient, aite? :D

    ohhh so you're going to UK?
    lucky you!

    (kejelesan memuncak, heh).

  2. waahh... going abroad aahh??? congratulations!!!

  3. Liz:
    Ohh. silap. haha. U are critical.

    Thank you oh. I heard you are going to India to further?


  4. experience coming up...
    Raya abroad next year maybe...
    Jangan lupa hntr duit raya menggunakan matawang pound sterling... ;p

    [Khas utk pampered tersyg...]

    Anyway...may you happy slalu no matter where you are... God bless you dear...


  5. ebyll:
    Thanks ebyll. =)

    Wish you all the best too.


  6. Ohoho~ Aku marah dah ni Rev... hahaha!

    Perenggan 'the future..' mengingatkan aku pada something. adakah ianya lagu? poem?

  7. Luna:
    haha. jangan marah.

    oh! the future itu hanya pemikiran rambang saja. tak ada kaitan dgn lagu atau poem pn. =)


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