Monday, July 20, 2009

Deepset, KC and Spartak!

I went to Allunan Symphony. There were 4 bands.
Deepset, Killeur Calculateur, Citizens of Ice Cream and Spartak.

First band was Deepset.
I was late! only managed to enjoy 1 and a half song from them. They did a one hour set. I entered during the last 15 minutes i think. Rugi nak mampos! It was kind of epic! That's the least i could say. Besides the drummer whom as always looked as nervous he could be. The others were confident in their performance. (Drumer itu memang muka cemas selalu. tapi main best juga)

2nd band was Killeur Calculateur
Energetic as usual. The drummer was tight. powerful. But most of the crowd was static. Only a few of them yang angguk2 kepala layan. Still they were satisfying. Oh, it was my first time watching this band live and their first impression was first-classed!

3rd band was citizens of ice cream. (I'm not sure whether the name is right =p)
They were monotonous, dull and lame. Tried to be unique by NOT using a real drummer. I think that was the biggest mistake. The trumpet(i think so) did not blend well into the atmosphere of their sounds. They did not gel well as a band. Some conflicts aroused. haha. I like the last song though and they're going to play in Taiwan as they said. I'm pretty sure they still have many rooms to touch up and holes to be filled before being 'qualified' to go there.

4th band was Spartak. (Foreigners)
They were different. I can't say that everybody enjoyed their music ,still, i did and I did well. Their materials were very much different. in fact, the first of its kind I ever listened to. It was tensed. Strangulating my emotions. Kejang tangan sepanjang set itu.
The drummer even made sounds from a plastic bottle and many other unnameable things. The guitarist was only using a squire fender telecaster. but he too produced unique sounds. He even attached an earphone to his guitar and played using it. Oh, thrilling. It was something. Very satisfying.

The gig wearies me. I felt tired. Physically and emotionally.
Hah, Sepatutnya set Deepset tu tukar dengan Citizens of Ice cream! Ice cream tengah2 jadi cairlah. haha.

In spite of everything, i enjoyed the evening. Thanks to Suehanna. =)

Yang kepenatan,


  1. damn
    rugi nak mampos
    tapi bulan 8 ni ada lagi best
    taknak bagitahu kau

  2. oh.
    i've heard about that killeur calculateur before.
    best biasa-biasa je or best GILA?!
    mahu sgt tgk gig/konsert/music fest lg tp memandangkan skrg sudah berhijrah ke arah memakai jubah and abaya, aktiviti sebegitu juga harus dikurangkan.

  3. i've never been to these kinds of places b4.

    Not really interested but really want to have a peek at their way of life.

    Maybe you could bring me some other time.

    okey reverie?

  4. deepset terbaik wok!!!!
    pelepas rindu kepada Damn Dirty Apes.
    Kalau betul2 layan deepset, cuba dengar TOE.
    band dari Jepun. Post Rock yang hebat!
    cuba kaji drum band ni. boleh buat anda kerut dahi selama 2 saat.

  5. sumpah aku x penah dengar band2 ni seme...

    * ketinggalan kah aku?..emhhhh...takkk!!!

  6. Band2 ni... Sye tak pernah dgr... And tak jgak amik tahu...
    Hm....rentak lagu dia pun sye terpk camner..
    Keadaan waktu tu camner pun sye terpk jgak...
    Pg sana wat per selain dgr lagu?
    Sungguh....bnd2 ni byk yg sye terpk..
    Tapi sekadar terpk jer la...
    Tak ada plak nk p and amik tahu camner... reverie... You enjoy.... (^_^)

  7. weyh thanks jugak! :DD
    seronok, like, gila punya seronok!

  8. gigs eh?
    i've never been to one, tight parental control.

    but i don't feel missed out at all
    maybe coz i don't really know how to appreciate these stuff?
    maybe. :p

  9. coi:
    bulan 8? alolo. kongsi lah bang! spartak tu kau mesti suka. hehe.

    best yang agak gila. oh jubah. hmm, dengar cd lah. ada byk.

    u shud go. just to experience. mana tahu suka. haha.

    TOE? dia datang aku tak tgk lah. rugi rugi. itu feveret band tu...

    tak lah. lain orang lain rasanya. =)

    luna tahu. kamu tak tahu?

    hehehehe. senyum besar. =D

  10. org tua mcm gua lagi la tak penah dgr nama band tu...

  11. ben:
    haha. mana ada tua. muda lagi tu.

  12. hehe. kita semua kan suka budaya popular. apa yang popular dijadikan kiblat terkini.

  13. cybertrooper:
    nak kata kiblat tu taklah. That's a very strong word and that word is not for me.

  14. aku pergi gig spartak time dorang datang malaysia tahun lepas.


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