Monday, May 25, 2009

Night and Women

Night and Women

Night is not a demon,
It is not a beast,
It is not delightful neither,
Nor it is fascinating.

Women are too,
Not demons neither beasts,
Not delightful neither fascinating.

You hold the key,
And the key is to comprehend.

Once you hold the key,
They're within your grasp.
Fun came.
Pleasurable amusement.

Yet only if
its vagueness
can still amuse me
or perhaps, it is hers?

*This is to give you a clear example. Are you the kind of all-beauty or all-brain or maybe both? Maybe, both. And I stress it again. maybe?
*Tengah bosan tengah malam tak dapat tidur. =3


  1. both. really. not maybe. hehehe.. XD

    night may not be a demon nor a beast.

    women are as you could see, like a bud of peace

    but disturbed, may become exactly like a demon and beast.

    *and to say women arent fascinating nor delightful(?)

    That spark a thought i don't want to consider.

  2. ohh.
    cek zainab pulang ke kg.
    kg lg cantek dr cek zainab.

    pe ko meraban.

  3. perghh..really at the higher level of definition

  4. *cari kamus tapi tak jumpa*

  5. buat semua:
    Just to spark your thinking machine! ha ha


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